Dresden Files Accelerated Edition Playtest! Session 07


This is the seventh and final episode of our Dresden Files Accelerated Edition (DFAE) Playtest game! If you want a little more information about the characters and the situation you’re hearing about in this episode, please listen to the other DFAE Playtest recordings available on this blog.

I realize that we’ve had some audio issues with the DFAE recordings.  However, I’m proud to announce that we figured out what was causing the issue!  While this is not the last recording that we have where this was an issue, the WNG group has figured out what was causing those issues and we have made arrangements to make sure that we won’t face these recording quality issues so much in the future.  So, rest assured, we are aware there have been issues and we have been taking steps to clean up the audio for you fine listeners of ours!  Please enjoy and forgive us the quality trouble for just a little longer.

Please Note:

The game you are listening to is still in the playtest phase of development.  Any rules or mechanics discussion you hear from us is not likely to be the final version of the game.  We present this game to you purely for your entertainment and for exposure of the rules for the publishers and authors of the game.  You can visit the publishers at evilhat.com.

I hope that you enjoy the show!  Thank you for listening.  Remember to always have fun!

-Colin and the Wednesday Night Game Group



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