Moving Forward…

It is with mixed feelings that we leave the Dresden Files Accelerated Edition Playtest behind.  I’m happy that it was so fun and that we got to start the podcast with something really awesome for you guys to listen to.  I’m sad that the play testing period is over and that we’ll have to wait for revisions, in the form of another beta or in the form of the full game, to come through before we can even think about continuing on with the crazy people in New Orleans.

This does mean of course that we’ll get to play something new, and that’s very exciting!  This is also good for my groups’ mental health.  The cast of Wednesday Night Game doesn’t like to dwell on games for that long.  Those epic DnD adventures that you hear some folk talking about that “last for years” are not what we like to do.  The longest campaign we’ve ever played was a 14 session long romp through Hogwarts in my homebrewed Cortex+ Drama/Action hack (the episodes have been lost to the terrible god of “Experience”).

Our tendency so far, as a group in general, is to play a few good sessions of a game (usually between 6 and 8), get to a place that pretty well wraps up the current “story arc,” and then we stop playing with the caveat that we might come back and play in that world again some day.  It works for us and lets us play the numerous different games that we’ve managed to collect throughout our engagement with the hobby.  It keeps us from stagnation as players, so we don’t get to feeling “stuck” in our characters, and lets us pass the GM ball around a bit (again to prevent stagnation).  Since we pretty much wrapped up our Red Court threat in Dresden (and because the playtesting period is over), we’ll be changing games to let me have some creative rest and to let that universe settle a little in our minds.  This will let us give another system some love and to explore new and fun characters!

Speaking of segues, I’ll be relinquishing the GM reigns to Matt!  This is always exciting to me because I love to play as much as I love to GM and Matt is awesome when he sits down to GM.  Matt is going to be running a continuation of a setting we’ve played in before: The Witchlands.  A little more on that in a second.

About next week’s episode; since the Witchlands game surely won’t be ready in time for me to post it next week, I’ve taken the liberty of securing a couple one shot games for you guys!  Courtesy of the Wednesday Night Game cast, we’ll be presenting you a single “first session” of Legend of the Elements by Max Hervieux for the next two week.  The session was pretty long and the first couple hours were character/setting creation.  I’ll be splitting up that play session into two episodes so it’s easier to digest.  If you are curious about what the game is like before you listen to the episode, you can check out the concluded kickstarter page.  I’m really excited to let you guys hear our Legend of the Elements game as it was very fun to play.

I’m excited about going back to the Witchlands with Matt and Kaetlyn.  Alex will be joining us this time as well!  He was not able to join us for our original tour of that blasted land, so he’ll be making a new character to join our adventuring party.  This game should be very fun to say the least.

That’s all for now!  Thank you for reading.  Remember to always have fun!



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