A Change in Procedure

Hello listeners!

So there’s been a small change to the webpage and I wanted to make a public post about it to ensure that there wouldn’t be any confusion.  We’ve rebranded our “One Shot Games” as “Side Games” since the players have decided that doing one-shots isn’t what we wanna be about.

Henceforth, the formulae shall be thus:

The Main Game is our primary, ongoing game.  We’ll be playing this as long as everyone can attend and be airing the episodes as close to back to back as we can.

The Side Games are stopgap games.  When someone can’t attend we’ll play something else that we like to play, like the Legend of the Elements game we did!  We’re gonna try to keep the same Side Games going whenever we have someone missing so you’ll notice that some voices are always missing for specific Side Game content.

All the Side Game sessions we played during the last Main Game will be posted after the conclusion of the Main Games in the same once-a-week format we typically use.  That way our Mains will continuously air and you’ll get them week after week until they’re over, while the Side Games will let us keep generating content for you guys even when life gets in the way of our gaming.

The reason this is important is because our current Main Game, the Witchlands, is ending this week (tomorrow you’ll get the end of this season) and we’ll be taking a step into Side Game content for a few weeks.  We’ll be presenting more Legend of the Elements and also some Dungeon World, so I hope you guys enjoy some Powered by the Apocalypse content!

After that, the Main Game will be back with another series presided over by the honorable GM Matt; Mouse Guard.

Thank you for listening.  Remember to always have fun!

-Colin and the Wednesday Night Game Group



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