Mouse Guard Disk 01 Part 1!


This is the first hour of our first play session of the Mouse Guard Main Game.  We have Alex, Kaetlyn, Kolton, and myself playing and Matt acting as GM.  An important ingredient for the scent wall has not arrived for the yearly renewal and our mice have to ensure that this problem gets sorted out.

Now, you may be wondering why we’ve only got one hour for you folks this week.  The short answer is “technical difficulties,” and rather than leave you guys with nothing to listen to at all this week, the WNG Group decided to publish at least this so we could keep you guys satisfied.  Next week we’ll have a full session of character creation and then after that the exciting conclusion of our first session.  Thank you guys for your patience.  I’ll be taking measures to ensure this doesn’t occur in the future.

I hope that you enjoy the show!  Thank you for listening.  Remember to always have fun!

-Colin and the Wednesday Night Game Group

Side A


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