Yet Another Change in Procedure


Just a quick update on procedure going forward.  I’ve been having a lot of trouble keeping up with the edits for this podcast.  I am absolutely not stopping.  I like doing it too much.  However, I did need to find a way to balance my work, personal, and hobby life.  So, in an effort to do just that, we’ll be changing how much content we put out there.  Thank you for bearing with us through these changes as I grow into my podcasting shoes.

Change the First!  I’ll be publishing one to one and a half hours of content each week instead of the 2-3 hours each week.  This will allow me to create a backlog of content that will keep the good times going, even if we the players can’t play every week.

Change the Second!  The cast and I have hatched a plan to allow some viewer participation in the Podcast!  We’ll be putting the future games we play up to a vote!  So here’s how it’s gonna work.  We, the cast, will all submit a pick for what game we wanna play next.  After that, we’ll make a straw-pull poll and host it online and put the link to it in every conceivable place we can.  Then you, the listeners, can go to the poll and pick what game you want to hear us play!

Before we get to the new format, we’ll finish up Mouse Guard (Matt has said that he thinks there’s only about one or two sessions left in his story line) and then we’re going to play Masks.  It has been on our “to play” list for months and Kaetlyn and Matt are going to mutiny if we don’t play it soon.  As soon as we’re a couple recording sessions into Masks we’ll move on to the new format, and you guys will be telling us what to play next!  We’re all pretty excited about this plan and we can’t wait to play the stuff you’re into hearing!

Thank you all again for your understanding and patience as we (read: I) have been figuring out the best format for us to use going forward with this show.

Thanks you for reading.  Remember to always have fun!

-Colin and the Wednesday Night Game Group





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