Mouse Guard Session 05 Side B


Welcome to Side B of our Fifth session of Mouse Guard!  Now, while this was our last proper session of Mouse Guard this time around, we did find the time to do a Winter Session the week afterwards so we actually have a little more Mouse Guard to give you fine folks.  On Side B of Session 5 we have Alex, Kolton, Kaetlyn, and myself playing and Matt acting as our faithful GM.  In this session Patrol Leader Tarwe, Patrol Guards Max and Heather, and Tenderpaw Kole have made it to Maple Harbor determine that their foes are near an abandoned light house! They go to make things safe in the Mouse Territories once again and find some heavy opposition and a foe from Heather’s past she was never expecting to see.

I hope that you enjoy the show!  Thank you for listening.  Remember to always have fun!

-Colin and the Wednesday Night Game Group

Side B


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