The First “What Game should Wednesday Night Game Play Next?” Poll


Over the last year, we’ve been bringing you many hours of tabletop goodness as we played RPG’s that we wanted to bring to you.  We played Dungeons and Dragons, Legends of the Elements, Microscope, Mouse Guard, Dungeon World, and, most recently, Masks. Now we want to give you guys something new; the power of choice.  As of the publication of this post (on July 29, 2016) we’re on 10 recorded sessions of Masks so we’ve still got a lot more of that content for you guys coming down the pipeline, but we’re getting to where we’ll want to wrap up the “season” soon and we wanted your input to decide what to do next.

So you guys will have the ability to chose what game we’ll be playing next by clicking on this link to a straw poll!  There are five options (Epyllion, Apocalypse World 2nd Edition, Burning Wheel, Torchbearer, and Masks Season 2) and each was chosen by one of the cast members because they want to give that game a shot.

You guys are getting the final say so we’ll play the one with the highest number of votes on August 12, 2016 when I’ll tabulate the results and make a post announcing the “winner!” Only one vote per listener, so please choose wisely.

Thank you all so much for coming and listening to our games.  The whole cast loves seeing the numbers of viewers each week and we want to show our appreciation by letting you guys tell us what you want to hear us play.

Edit: We are extending the deadline on the poll by a week. The new date is reflected in the post now.


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