Masks Session 06 – Side B


Welcome to the second part of Session 6 of the Wednesday Night Game Masks actual play!  Today you’ll hear Alex, Kaetlyn, and Kolton continue playing Dreadlock, Terraform, and Scarchain.  I, Colin, continued my role as GM.  We pick back up with Terraform lost in a terrible dimension of Lovecraftian Horror and Dreadlock and Scarchain dealt with their own creepy situation in the basement of the Dulcet Sound Tea House…

Please enjoy the show!

As a quick aside I wanted to apologize for the length of time it’s taking to start publishing our Burning Wheel game.  Rest assured, we haven’t forgotten about the votes and we are getting Burning Wheel ready for you all to enjoy.  We’ve had a number of scheduling complications that have kept us from being able to begin playing.  We’ve got the character creation episode “in the can” so to speak, and it’s awaiting edits.  I want to release that session as an accompaniment to the first play session for you folks though, so I’m sitting on it until we can get around the table to get that first session played.  Which should be soon.  Unless something unexpected happens we’ll be getting around to recording that next week.  Until then, have fun!


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