Yet Another Slight Change In Procedure


A slight change in the lineup is occurring since we had a vote for our next game.  We don’t want you guys to have to wait for us to finish publishing Masks to listen to our Burning Wheel game.  We also don’t want to put Masks on the shelf because a lot of people have been enjoying it.

So we’re doubling down!

Starting next week, you fine folks will get a massive injection of Wednesday Night Game content!  We’ll be delivering Side A of Masks Session 8 and Side A of The Burning Wheel Session 1!  We’ll hold this pattern of content delivery until we run out of Masks content (this will occur during the last part of Session 11, approximately 2 months down the road) and then we’ll swap over to just Burning Wheel.

This week I’m putting Masks on hold so that I can deliver to you the entirety of Session 0 of Burning Wheel. Part 1 is Setting Creation and part 2 is Character Creation.  You can hear both of those after 7:05pm EST tomorrow (the first part is dropping at 7, so you can listen to that one a few minutes early if you want).

Please enjoy the shows tomorrow and remember to have fun!



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