Issues with Podcatchers/iTunes

Hey Guys,

So, I know that there have been some issues with the website not feeding properly to the RSS, podcatchers, and iTunes.  This is fact.  It has been a long standing problem that I’ve been aware of and trying to fix.

This morning, I have made some updates to our website that should fix this problem! I’m not sure how fast they’ll implement, but it should correct the limited publishing issues we’ve been having!  I’m very excited by this because it means that you fine folks will finally have the listening experience you deserve and not have to fight the RSS to get the content you want to listen to.  Know that if the updates I’ve made don’t correct the issue, I’ll keep working on this until it’s fixed.

Thanks for bearing with us through the technical issues, and double-thanks to all of you who reported the issue so I could work out the kinks.

Be ready for next Wednesday when we drop the continuation of Masks and the first session of Burning Wheel!

Please enjoy, and thanks again!



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