The Burning Wheel Session 01 – Side A


Welcome to Wednesday Night Game!  Our regular crew has graciously joined me to bring you the first part, of the first session, of The Burning Wheel!

Please join us as Alex, playing Folter the leprous torturer, Kaetlyn, playing Renova the pirate princess, Kolton, playing Straighten the shoe-less duelist, and Matt, playing Marius the plumber, set sail across the sea!  I acted as GM and thus mediated the chaos they sowed.  They’re on a mission to save a princess to gain favor with the nobility and also to deliver a letter to stay in favor with the pirate nobility!

Please enjoy the show!


One comment

  1. Yugie · October 20, 2016

    Did not expect there to be that many How I met Your Mother Jokes. 10/10


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