100th Episode!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 100th episode of Wednesday Night Game!

*The Peasants Rejoice*

Today the Wednesday Night Crew and I have got something a little different to share with you.  Tonight we’re going to talk about gaming and our favorite moments from the stuff we’ve played on (and off) air for you guys over the past 100 episodes.  Please be aware that there are spoilers in this episode for all currently released content as well as some that’s coming out still, so I suggest skipping this week if you aren’t caught up or if your sensitive to spoilers.

However, if you don’t mind a little peek into stuff that’s to come, join us as we enjoy a night of talking about our favorite moments, what we’ve learned about gaming, and get a glimpse into our lives as gamers and not just entertainers.

Thank you all so much for listening to our content!  We love seeing your comments, feedback, likes, and just the viewership results from the website and we wouldn’t be doing this show if it weren’t for you guys.

Please, enjoy the show!


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