Blades in the Dark: Session 04 – Side B


Please join the Wednesday Night Crew for our second session of Blades in the Dark! Blades in the Dark is a game written by John Harper and published by Evil Hat.  It’s a game of daring scoundrels pulling heists and jobs in an industrial fantasy setting of the Shattered Isles in the haunted streets of Doskvol (or Duskwall, or The Dusk, depending on who you ask), a major port city.  Alex (playing Cobra, a Leech), Elspeth (playing Kittens, a Cutter), Kaetlyn (playing Smiles, a Whisper), Kolton (playing Raven, a Lurk), and Matt (playing Jotun, a Hound) played our crew of criminals darkening the streets of Doskvol and trying to make a name for themselves, and their dark god The Reconciler.

This week the crew does downtime after the assault on their base. It was good fun for everyone!

Please enjoy the show!


One comment

  1. Zach · January 9, 2018

    I don’t believe you can resist the beating or the heat in an entanglement


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