Blades in the Dark: Session 05 – Side B


Please join the Wednesday Night Crew for side B of our fifth session of Blades in the Dark! Blades in the Dark is a game of daring scoundrels pulling heists and jobs in the haunted streets of Doskvol.  Alex (playing Cobra, a Leech), Elspeth (playing Kittens, a Cutter), Kaetlyn (playing Smiles, a Whisper), Kolton (playing Raven, a Lurk), and Matt (playing Jotun, a Hound) played a Cult darkening the streets of Doskvol and trying to make a name for themselves, and their dark god The Reconciler.

This week things got a little weird.  Cobra does some stuff (which is always pleasantly strange), Smiles went shopping (a bigger deal than it sounds), and Raven got up to some shenanigans involving a certain orphanage that fans of John Harper’s “Bloodletters” Twitch game (like myself) are sure to get a kick out of.

Please enjoy the show!


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