Blades in the Dark: Session 06 – Side A


Please join the Wednesday Night Crew for side A of our sixth session of Blades in the Dark! Blades in the Dark is a game of daring scoundrels pulling heists and jobs in the haunted streets of Doskvol.  Alex (playing Cobra, a Leech), Elspeth (playing Kittens, a Cutter), Kaetlyn (playing Smiles, a Whisper), Kolton (playing Raven, a Lurk), and Matt (playing Jotun, a Hound) played a Cult darkening the streets of Doskvol and trying to make a name for themselves, and their dark god The Reconciler.

This week we get to play again after a long hiatus from Blades and we have a little bit of catching up and re-learning to do, so please forgive some of our forgetfulness and silliness at the beginning of this session.  The crew does manage to get set up for the impending mission from Lord Scurlock and we start the score amongst the other ridiculousness however.

Please enjoy the show!

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