Apocalypse World – Session 09: Side A


Please join the Wednesday Night Crew for side A of the Ninth session of our Apocalypse World series! Alex, Kaetlyn, and Kolton joined me as usual for this session, but Matt rejoined us as well to play in our version of the volcanic apocalypse in a ruined North America.  Please enjoy as Cujo the Driver returns from his hiatus with Sin to come back to Gen. Mill’s stronghold in cago and find a glorious mess left in the wake of Koo the Childthing, Kray the Faceless, Wolf the Gunlugger’s departure.  We join up with Koo, Kray, and Wolf in the Tower of the Lightning People, talking with Crider… and Koo gets a little weird.  But what else is new, right?

Please, Enjoy the Show!


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