Mouse Guard – Season 2, Session 00: Character Creation


Today is a special episode as it’s taking place on Monday, but also because you guys are going to get to listen to us making characters for Mouse Guard Season 2!  The process is scripted and intended to be done at the table so we just came with some ideas and a will to do something fun.  This episode ended up being about two and a half hours long so there’s a lot more to listen to than a normal installment of our podcast for you all to enjoy today!  We’ll be back to our regular, hour(ish), runtime episode on Wednesday though and this episode is not required listening to enjoy the upcoming series.

Most of the players ended up making NPCs that Matt, our GM for Mouse Guard, would re-incorporate later on. Most of us brought back characters we’d made in Season 1 of Mouse Guard, which you can listen to here.  You don’t need to listen to the first season in order to enjoy the second season, but it was a lot of fun and there’s some table chatter and references to things that we did in Season 1 that might be helpful to know going into the events of this new series.

On a technical note; there’s a good amount of noise on the recording.  There is some clicking that I couldn’t remove, Elspeth had a cough that I couldn’t edit out at all instances, and Sophie (Matt’s doggo) was in attendance and made some noise I couldn’t remove as well.  I apologize for this lack in quality for this episode.

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Please, Enjoy the Show!



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