Mouse Guard – Season 2, Session 01: Side A


I would like to welcome you to Session 1, Side A of Mouse Guard Season 2!  We’re brining our characters over from Season 1, all of the episodes of which you can listen to here, but we’re adding a new player to the mix as well!  Matt acted as our GM while Alex, Elspeth, Kaetlyn, Kolton, and myself were the players for this game.  Fearless Leader Tarwe, Newcomer Miyuki, Brave but Mousy Heather, Troublemaker Cole, and the ever Violent Max were given their first orders of the year in this session.  Tarwe got his orders from Gwendolyn and we launched into our first mission to find out what happened to some very important supplies.

The Pun’O’Meter is at a cool 1 for this episode.

Please, Enjoy the Show!



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