Mouse Guard – Season 2, Session 02: Side B


Welcome to Side B of Session 2 of Mouse Guard Season 2!  If you need to catch up on the events of Season 1, you can find all of the episodes here!  Matt acted as our GM while Alex reprised his role as Tarwe, Kaetlyn as Heather, Kolton as Cole, Elspeth played as Miyuki, and Colin played as Max!  We trudged our way through the snow and made it to the next city on our trip to our final destination.  There we were allowed another players turn… which quickly turned into a hilarious romp through the city and resulted in some… setting changing events on a much higher level than we had established previously.  Please enjoy as you see us engage in some pretty intense re-writing of David Peterson’s world (cuz this is a roleplaying game and that means we’re allowed to make it our own!)!

The Pun’O’Meter remains solidly pointing at 1 for this episode.

Please, Enjoy the Show!


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