Magical Fury – Session 01: Side A


Today we start a brand new series on Wednesday Night Game; Magical Fury!  A “Dark” Magical Girls game by Ewen Cluney.  I only put dark in quotes because we’re playing it, so you can imagine that it gets a little silly.  You’ll hear Alex, Elspeth, Kolton, and Matt playing like usual in this game and they’ll introduce their magical girls to you in a few.  Out of the norm is that Kaetlyn is GMing again! She brings her A-Game today as we bring a new player to our table too! Hillary! Hillary is Matt’s wife and they wanted to play some Magical Girls together, so of course we invited her to play.

Also of note is that these episodes are decidedly shorter than our other recordings.  Standard run time for this series will be between 30 and 45 minutes, so please enjoy these shorter form shows while they last!

The Pun’O’Meter flew off the block and went straight to 5 for this first episode! Be forewarned.

Please, Enjoy the Show!


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