Magical Fury – Session 03: Side A


Today we continue our Magical Fury!  A “Dark” Magical Girls game by Ewen Cluney series.  You’ll hear Alex, Colin, Elspeth, Hillary, Kolton, and Matt playing their magical girls on Side A of this third recording session, and Kaetlyn will continue her awesome job GMing!  We pick up with the Magical girls as they get into a strangers car with the promise of fries and they find out more about what being magical girls in this setting means!

A word about the audio quality of this episode; there were snacks at the table so you can hear bags crinkling and people chewing occasionally and the group was large and especially rambunctious this night.  We did everything we could to make the quality as clean as possible but it’s still very rough and for that, we here at the Wednesday Night Crew deeply apologize.  We assure you that we are looking for methods to clean up our audio quality as we’re trying to bring you the best content we can!

The Pun’O’Meter sticks around a 2 for today, mostly due to Hillary’s constant vigilance in that regard, but we’ve got some furiously good jokes going all session long.

Please, Enjoy the Show!


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