Legend of the Five Rings – Session 01 Side A


Welcome to the first of game session of our Fantasy Flight Games Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) series!  Alex, Kaetlyn, Kolton, and Matt played in this series as Shinjo, Doji, Shiba, and Kakita, and Colin acted as GM.

In this episode we’ll see our players take on the roles of some Ronin who are just trying to make camp for the night but are ambushed by some unlikely foes.  This is a prologue to the events of our actual game and will tie in with events you’ll hear about later on in the publication.  The idea here was that we were going to do a bit more of a cinematic feeling story and this was step one towards trying to bring that experience to the table and to you for your listening pleasure!

Pun-o-Meter 1.png

Our Pun-O-Meter is only at a 1 for today.  There’s a couple solid puns, but the bulk of the episode is spent learning the system and digging deep on the story.

Please enjoy!

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