Legend of the Five Rings – Session 08 Side A

Welcome to the first side of the Eighth session of our Fantasy Flight Games Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) series!  Alex, Kaetlyn, Kolton, and Matt played in this series as Shinjo, Doji, Shiba, and Kakita, and Colin acted as GM.

In this episode you’ll hear us lose our shit about some funny interactions, make some very bad jokes, and, occasionally, we see the players progress their plots, schemes, and personal stories including but not limited to finding out what happened to Kakita after his moonlit meeting with the Scorpion, seeing a development with Doji’s betrothed, and we find out more about the armored ghost that’s been haunting Shiba since our first play session.

Pun-o-Meter 1.png

Our Pun-O-Meter is only at a 1 for today as there was basically no word play during this episode.

Please enjoy!

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