Legend of the Five Rings – Technical Difficulties

… And by “technical difficulties” we mean our recording of Session 10 was corrupted and lost.

You have no idea how disappointed we are to have to share this news with you all or how sad it made us to realize that this was the reality that we live in. Session 10 was basically the crown jewel of our L5R series for reasons that will be made clear later. In order to be able to bring you the rest of the story of the Samurai we’ve been talking about for some weeks, we’re looking for an alternative method than the original recording to bring that story to you! Both for the current timeline and the prologue!

But in order to do that we need to take a week off.

This will allow us to make the appropriate arrangements so that we can get you an episode that meets our desires as storytellers and your standards as our listeners. You will hear that story, even if it isn’t as we told it at the table the first time… you’ll get the story…

So thank you for your patience this week and be ready to join us next week for the continuation of L5R. Again, we are so sorry that this information is coming to you last minute like this, and that the news sucks so much.

Thank you, once again.

The Wednesday Night Crew

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