Legend of the Five Rings – Episode 10 Side A

Welcome listeners to our return after a week’s hiatus! In this episode you’ll hear our synopsis of the highlights from Session 10 of our L5R series and the first part of Session 11! As always for this series, you’ll hear Alex play the party of Shinjo and Asahina, Kaetlyn play the part of Doji and Matsu, Kolton played Shiba and Mirumoto, and Matt played Kakita and Hida while Colin acted as GM (and filled in for Asahina during our Mass Battle).

In this episode you’ll hear the very important synopsis of the events of Session 10 but also the continuation of the aforementioned Mass Battle. We do jump immediately into round 3 of that battle but the turns we’d taken so far were included in the Session 10 Synopsis and Colin has provided a quick and dirty run down of the rules system that we followed to enact that battle as well so you’re not completely lost as to what the crew is doing immediately as they start up the show.

The Mass Battle is pretty crunchy by our standards and there’s a good amount of die rolling and some table chatter about rules throughout but Colin has done what he can to limit the amount of unnecessary or irrelevant talking to keep the podcast more listenable for you guys. Regardless of the amount of rules, there were several moments in this Battle that when viewed together created their own beautiful story and we felt that letting you guys hear how the system let us build those moments was better than just doing a synopsis of the Battle. This was a serious consideration since it took half of Session 10 and all of Session 11 to complete. You guys are in this for the long haul with us, so strap in!

Pun-o-Meter 1.png

Our Pun-O-Meter is only at a 1 for today as there was basically no word play during this episode but we still crack a few jokes here and there.

Please enjoy!

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