Legend of the Five Rings – Episode 10 Side B

Welcome listeners to the continuation of our L5R series and the second part of Session 11! As always for this series, you’ll hear Alex play the party of Shinjo and Asahina, Kaetlyn play the part of Doji and Matsu, Kolton played Shiba and Mirumoto, and Matt played Kakita and Hida while Colin acted as GM (and filled in for Asahina during our Mass Battle).

In this episode you’ll hear us get a little loopy as we finish up our marathon of Mass Battling. Spoilers: We finish the Mass Battle by the end of this installment and we were very happy to reach the conclusion when we did!

As with last week, we wanted to say that the Mass Battle rules from Fantasy Flight Games is pretty crunchy by our standards so you’ll definitely hear us engage in some table chatter about rules throughout the recording. Colin has, again, done what he can to limit the amount of unnecessary or irrelevant talk (and talk about die rolling) to keep the podcast more listenable for you guys. Some of the information discussed was relevant to the ongoing narrative, so it stayed in because it was important. And some of it was funny, so it passed muster by virtue of comedic levity! Just know that he has done what he can to save you from the worst of it.

Last week we ended with the close of the story of Funaki, a Unicorn Leader, and this week you’ll hear us talk quite a bit about Baki, a Crab Leader who we had introduced in the tragically lost Session 10 Incident. In this episode he gets a little more screen time since our good girl Funaki was no longer there to capture our attention at the table.

Please come along with the Players as they find out how this battle is going to unfold and what happens to the remaining Unicorn and Crab forces as they struggle against the forces of darkness that are defiling their lands.

Pun-o-Meter 1.png

Our Pun-O-Meter is only at a 1 for today as there was basically no word play during this episode but we still crack a few jokes here and there.

Please enjoy!

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