Legend of the Five Rings – Episode 11 Side B

Welcome listeners to the final episode of our L5R series! The end has come and this is the last week you’ll hear these characters do their thing for a good long while.

As always for this series, Alex played Shinjo, Kaetlyn play Doji, Kolton played Shiba, Matt played Kakita, and Colin acted as GM.

In this episode you’ll hear the Cranes make some arrangements regarding communication to be sent to various factions and try to do some political maneuvering before they set out on some travel. During this time, Shinjo returns to Unicorn lands to tell of his failure to his Clan Leader. Far back in the Imperial City, Shiba has a spoopy vision and he gets to meet another kami of the realm… you know… like a Phoenix do.

Pun-o-Meter 1.png

Our Pun-O-Meter is only at a 1 for today as there was basically no word play during this episode. Plenty of great laughs during the episode, but none due to those ever elusive puns.

Please, enjoy the show!

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