New Series!

TLDR: It’s Torchbearer!

Hello listeners! Legends of the Five Rings has come to an end which means that we’ll be starting a new series next week!

The Wednesday Night Crew is excited to say that we’re gonna be presenting Torchbearer by Thor Olavsrud which was Matt’s pick in our rotation!

This game is similar to Mouse Guard, but a little more mechanically robust. Also similar to Burning Wheel, but a little less mechanically complex. We wanted to give it a try since it would give us a full view of the Burning Wheel system (except for Burning Empires, of course).

Content and tone wise, the game is a dungeon delver so it’s styled in the vain of old school Dungeons and Dragons games (right down to gaining XP for bringing back treasure instead of fighting monsters) or the Darkest Dungeon video game but without all the Lovecraft influences. Light and carrying capacity are emphasized mechanically in this game (which we’ll talk about in the episodes at length) and fighting monsters to the death is disincentivized (unusual for this type of game in the modern gaming landscape).

Colin ran the adventure from the back of the rulebook, Under the House of the Three Squires, and the players had an excellent time! Please come and join us next Monday for Character Creation where we sit around and talk about what kind of adventurers will undergo this perilous journey, and next Wednesday for Episode 1, Side A.

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