Torchbearer – Character Creation

Hello listeners! Welcome to the Character Creation recording for Wednesday Night Game’s Torchbearer series!  Alex, Kaetlyn, Kolton, and Matt joined this series as players and Colin acted as GM and helped facilitate this recording session.

Today, you’ll get to listen to this optional content where we discuss rules of the game, character development and creation, group backstory, and some world building and discussion about tone. Really very standard stuff for our Character Creation series of episodes. Also par for the course is that this episode is longer than our normal 45 minutes to an hour long and clocks in at very nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes. Colin comes into this thing strong with some good tone setting… but then succumbs to the groups general silliness as the show goes on longer.

You’ll specifically get to hear us start to get to some Seussian antics latter on in the session. You’ll see.

Also, you’ll hear us mention James D’Amato’s Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide in this episode. It’s full of fun prompts and activities to help you flesh out your character’s backstories for any level of play for fantasy adventure games, or for writing stories! James doesn’t have a special site or online shop for this book, so you’ll just have to buy it wherever you usually buy your gaming books!

And now, please, enjoy the show.


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