Torchbearer – Episode 01, Side A

Hello listeners! Welcome to the first episode of our Torchbearer series!  In this series you’ll hear our cast struggle heroically through their adventure below the Inn of the Three Squires as first level adventurers. Alex played the role of Jimmithias “Jimmy” Dwindelberger, a Human Magician, Kaetlyn played the role of Aaron Gold, a Human Warrior, Kolton played the role of Horrace San Diego, a Human Cleric, and Matt played the role of Nilo Steelkin, a Dwarf Adventurer, in this series. Colin acted as GM, The Adversity.

At the beginning of this episode, you’ll hear the Crew use James D’Amato’s Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide to help them flesh out their group dynamic a little bit! The book is full of fun prompts and activities to help flesh out character backstories for any level of play for fantasy adventure games and they thought it would be fun to use it for this series. You’ll hear them go through three of the activities for “low level” characters and you’ll see that these activities are fast, fun, and engaging.

James doesn’t have an special site or online shop where you can buy his book directly from him, so you’ll just have to buy it wherever you usually buy your gaming books!

Once that’s done (around the 30 minute mark), the Crew gets right into the action and facing the party’s first formidable foe… a broken staircase! Seriously. You’ll see that they immediately realize how difficult facing challenges like this obstacle are in this game. Once they’re inside the building, they begin exploring and come face to face with a different danger…

Please, enjoy the show!

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