Torchbearer – Episode 02, Side B

Hello listeners! Welcome to side B of the second recording session of our Torchbearer series!  In this series you’ll hear our cast struggle heroically through their adventure below the Inn of the Three Squires as first level adventurers. Alex played the role of Jimmithias “Jimmy” Dwindelberger, a Human Magician, Kaetlyn played the role of Aaron Gold, a Human Warrior, Kolton played the role of Horrace San Diego, a Human Cleric, and Matt played the role of Nilo Steelkin, a Dwarf Adventurer, in this series. Colin acted as GM, The Adversity.

In this episode the meta discussion continues! Because the players are still recovering from the really rough time in session one and Jimmy fell through the floor at the end of the last episode as a result of a twist. Nilo nearly has a catastrophe, the party suffers a very terrible set-back, and then they deal with the fallout of Jimmy’s twist from his failed cartography roll. We cap off the night with awards and have some talks about how tough they are to give out.


Keeping that Pun-O-Meter strong at 1, despite the presence of some pretty good jokes.

Please, enjoy the show!


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