Torchbearer – Episode 06, Side A

Hello listeners! Welcome to side A of the sixth recording session of our Torchbearer series!  In this series you’ll hear our cast struggle heroically through their adventure below the Inn of the Three Squires as first level adventurers. Alex played the role of Jimmithias “Jimmy” Dwindelberger, a Human Magician, Kaetlyn played the role of Aaron Gold, a Human Warrior, Kolton played the role of Horrace San Diego, a Human Cleric, and Matt played the role of Nilo Steelkin, a Dwarf Adventurer, in this series. Colin acted as GM, The Adversity.

The players make a quick plan about how they want to progress knowing what they found out at the end of last session; that there are kobolds holding some bizarre form of punishment at the end of the tunnel they’re hiding in.


They decide to go in there and show those Kobolds what’s for! So, choosing the tactic that’s worked so far, they run headlong into a Drive Off conflict! You’ll have to listen to see what happens, but I can tell you right now that we eventually move into our very first Kill conflict. Super important moment in the game that we treat rather unceremoniously; but what else is new?

at 1

Please, enjoy the show!

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