Torchbearer – Episode 07, Side B

Hello listeners! Welcome to the Seventh recording session of our Torchbearer series! This is side B, and today you’ll hear the cast complete their heroic struggle through the dungeon bellow the Inn of the Three Squires! Alex played the role of Jimmithias “Jimmy” Dwindelberger, a Human Magician, Kaetlyn played the role of Aaron Gold, a Human Warrior, Kolton played the role of Horrace San Diego, a Human Cleric, and Matt played the role of Nilo Steelkin, a Dwarf Adventurer, in this series. Colin acted as GM, The Adversity.

The characters finish up their adventure in the inn, get one final check-in with Elsa, resign themselves to the reality of the amount of loot they’ve been able to acquire along the way, and discuss the future of the inn with the Innkeeper before going back to town where they finally level up! We go through the town procedure and have some fun talking about what might come next for these characters and then we conclude the adventure!

Keep your eyes open for the announcement about the new series that we’ll be starting up next week!

Please, enjoy the show!

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