Lost Mines of Phandelver – Session 08 Side C

Hello Listeners!

We are back this week with Episode 17, Session 08, Side C of the Lost Mines of Phandelver series! Which is the beginners adventure presented in the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set.

In this series you’ll hear Alex play a character named Hal, who is a level 2 Bard when we meet him. Kaetlyn plays the enigmatic Uitzash, a level 2 Warlock in service to a dark patron. Kolton decided to play Olo, a level 2 Tortle Barbarian. While Matt plays a level 2 Grung Wizard. Colin was DM’ing this game. We are using the Milestone leveling variant in this adventure, so the players are completely free to find paths to victory and resolution options outside of combat and murder to solve their problems.

Still deep in the Tresendar Manor, the players send the rescued family from last session home and ventured deeper into the dungeon! They discover another classic trope; A hidden door! But then they discover something they’ve never encountered before… a monstrous creature lurking in the deepest part of the cavern they find themselves in…

Please, enjoy the show!

Beginning of Show Info:
Ko-Fi Link: https://ko-fi.com/wednesdaynightgame
email address: wednightgame@gmail.com

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