Lost Mines of Phandelver – Session 14 Side A

Hello Listeners!

This week is Episode 28, Session 14 Side A, for the Lost Mines of Phandelver, the beginners adventure presented in the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set.

You’ll hear Alex play Hal, a level 3 Bard. Kaetlyn plays Uitzash, a level 3 Warlock in service to a dark patron. Kolton is playing Olo, a level 3 Tortle Barbarian. And Matt plays a level 3 Grung Wizard named Rwrarp (pronounced like a frog noise). Colin was DM’ing this game. We are using the Milestone leveling variant in this adventure.

This week Colin is forgetful so he’s about to make some mistakes about the fictional position of things.

In the actual game though, we start things off, as is tradition, with our recap and then with a roll for initiative! In the ensuing conflict, the crew’s new Owlbear gets set on some Hobgoblins and a cult of Maglubiyet arrives! Goblin is pitted against goblin. Spellcaster slings spell against spellcaster! It’s a chaotic time, but a good time.

Oh, the party also realizes that they need to tame the Owlbear before it’s going to be their reliable pet. So that was fun for them to figure out.

We got a couple puns in folks! Rejoice for the drought is over!

Please, enjoy the show!

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