The Phour Phandeleers – Session 08 – Side A

Hello Listeners!

This week is Session 08 Side A of The Phour Phandeleers, a continuation of our Lost Mines of Phandelver Campaign with some special tweaks. We’re using the Storm Kings Thunder adventure module from Wizards of the Coast with heavy modifications as our campaign framework and using is a slightly modified version of Realms of Terrinoth, a version of the Genesys Roleplaying System by Fantasy Flight Games.

In this series, you’ll hear Alex play Hal, a Firbolg Bard. Kaetlyn plays Uitzash, a Warlock in service to Dendar. Kolton plays Krask, a Lizardfolk Paladin. Matt plays Rwrarp (pronounced like the frog sound), a Grung Necromancer. And Colin was running this chaos… I mean game. All of the characters had been given 150 xp to spend which may have been roughly equivalent to a 2nd tier adventurer in D&D. Since this was a conversion, we were willing to be wrong about that.

In today’s episode we get through round 1 of our first combat session of Genesys RPG, Realms of D&D.

Hal attempts subterfuge to get his way, the rest of the NPCs and Krask take the brute force route, and the casters attempt, with varying levels of success, to do some magic! Meanwhile, the players crack some pretty good jokes.

This is our penultimate episode.

We’ll make a full announcement about what that means and what the plan is for the future next week during the episode.

Please, enjoy the show!

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