Jadepunk One-Shot


Welcome back to Wednesday Night Game!  We’re continuing our series of Side-Game content this week with a new game!  I bring you Jadepunk by ReRoll productions.  Our group had some fun playing as freedom fighters in Kausao City; a city run by a cruel and tyrannical Governor and a ruling body called The Council of Nine.  The PCs are actively working against this oppressive government utilizing the widespread technology of the setting to interfere with and disrupt the establishment.  The twist on the standard setting that we are all familiar with is that the technology has a different power source than you usually find.  The clockwork devices, finely crafted weapons, architecture, and vehicles are powered, not by steam, electricity, or the blood of demons, but by the mystical mineral called Jade which comes in different colors and has numerous mystical properties.

So let’s see what they do to throw a wrench in the plans of their oppressors shall we?

Since this episode is rather long, I’ve included time-stamps for ease of navigation.

Start – 00:9:04 | Setting primer

00:9:04 – 1:27:31 | Character creation

1:27:31 – End | Adventure

Please enjoy the show!