Legend of the Five Rings – Character Creation


Welcome to the first of recording session we had of our Fantasy Flight Games Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) series!  Alex, Kaetlyn, Kolton, and Matt joined this series as players and Colin acted as GM.

In this extended episode you’ll hear us decide what kind of game we wanted to play and then do the Game of 20 Questions.  We say “extended session,” but that doesn’t really do the two and a half hours of content justice.  You can feel free to skip this episode if you’d like as we’ll give a basic overview of this information in Session 01 Side A when it releases next Wednesday, but please feel free to enjoy our table chatter and character design process!


The Pun-O-Meter is at a 1 for today.  We were pretty focused on doing character creation and while we do crack a couple jokes and are obviously having a good time, there’s not much wordplay.

Please enjoy!

The Burning Wheel – Setting Creation – Session 00


Welcome to Wednesday Night Game!  Yes.  You read that title correctly viewers, it’s time for Wednesday Night Game’s presentation of The Burning Wheel!

This is the setting creation portion of the recording session.  We actually managed to fuck it up by playing A Spark in Fate Core for this portion of the recording, so please forgive us.  If you would prefer not to hear us fuck up the first part of Burning Wheel by playing something else, please feel free to jump to the Character Creation post, here.

Please enjoy the Show!