Week of November 24, 2019

Hey listeners!

This is your GM_Colin here letting you guys know that the podcast is taking a break this week while the Wednesday Night Crew spends some quality time with family during the holiday here in the U.S.

We’ll be back next Wednesday night with the continuation of Session 01 of The Lost Mines of Phandelver!

Until then, have fun!

New Series!

TLDR: It’s Torchbearer!

Hello listeners! Legends of the Five Rings has come to an end which means that we’ll be starting a new series next week!

The Wednesday Night Crew is excited to say that we’re gonna be presenting Torchbearer by Thor Olavsrud which was Matt’s pick in our rotation!

This game is similar to Mouse Guard, but a little more mechanically robust. Also similar to Burning Wheel, but a little less mechanically complex. We wanted to give it a try since it would give us a full view of the Burning Wheel system (except for Burning Empires, of course).

Content and tone wise, the game is a dungeon delver so it’s styled in the vain of old school Dungeons and Dragons games (right down to gaining XP for bringing back treasure instead of fighting monsters) or the Darkest Dungeon video game but without all the Lovecraft influences. Light and carrying capacity are emphasized mechanically in this game (which we’ll talk about in the episodes at length) and fighting monsters to the death is disincentivized (unusual for this type of game in the modern gaming landscape).

Colin ran the adventure from the back of the rulebook, Under the House of the Three Squires, and the players had an excellent time! Please come and join us next Monday for Character Creation where we sit around and talk about what kind of adventurers will undergo this perilous journey, and next Wednesday for Episode 1, Side A.

Legend of the Five Rings – Technical Difficulties

… And by “technical difficulties” we mean our recording of Session 10 was corrupted and lost.

You have no idea how disappointed we are to have to share this news with you all or how sad it made us to realize that this was the reality that we live in. Session 10 was basically the crown jewel of our L5R series for reasons that will be made clear later. In order to be able to bring you the rest of the story of the Samurai we’ve been talking about for some weeks, we’re looking for an alternative method than the original recording to bring that story to you! Both for the current timeline and the prologue!

But in order to do that we need to take a week off.

This will allow us to make the appropriate arrangements so that we can get you an episode that meets our desires as storytellers and your standards as our listeners. You will hear that story, even if it isn’t as we told it at the table the first time… you’ll get the story…

So thank you for your patience this week and be ready to join us next week for the continuation of L5R. Again, we are so sorry that this information is coming to you last minute like this, and that the news sucks so much.

Thank you, once again.

The Wednesday Night Crew

Enjoying the Show?

Are you having fun listening to our shenanigans?  Is there something you’d like to share with us?  We have a Twitter account @WedNightGame where you can show your support or feedback.  Kaetlyn will now be taking over our Twitter handle and is excited to talk with you all.  Please head over and show your support!  We also often post our latest episodes on Reddit via user Panwall under r/rpg so if Twitter isn’t your thing, you can look for us there too.  We hope to hear from you all soon, and as always, have fun!

Issues with Podcatchers/iTunes

Hey Guys,

So, I know that there have been some issues with the website not feeding properly to the RSS, podcatchers, and iTunes.  This is fact.  It has been a long standing problem that I’ve been aware of and trying to fix.

This morning, I have made some updates to our website that should fix this problem! I’m not sure how fast they’ll implement, but it should correct the limited publishing issues we’ve been having!  I’m very excited by this because it means that you fine folks will finally have the listening experience you deserve and not have to fight the RSS to get the content you want to listen to.  Know that if the updates I’ve made don’t correct the issue, I’ll keep working on this until it’s fixed.

Thanks for bearing with us through the technical issues, and double-thanks to all of you who reported the issue so I could work out the kinks.

Be ready for next Wednesday when we drop the continuation of Masks and the first session of Burning Wheel!

Please enjoy, and thanks again!


Yet Another Slight Change In Procedure


A slight change in the lineup is occurring since we had a vote for our next game.  We don’t want you guys to have to wait for us to finish publishing Masks to listen to our Burning Wheel game.  We also don’t want to put Masks on the shelf because a lot of people have been enjoying it.

So we’re doubling down!

Starting next week, you fine folks will get a massive injection of Wednesday Night Game content!  We’ll be delivering Side A of Masks Session 8 and Side A of The Burning Wheel Session 1!  We’ll hold this pattern of content delivery until we run out of Masks content (this will occur during the last part of Session 11, approximately 2 months down the road) and then we’ll swap over to just Burning Wheel.

This week I’m putting Masks on hold so that I can deliver to you the entirety of Session 0 of Burning Wheel. Part 1 is Setting Creation and part 2 is Character Creation.  You can hear both of those after 7:05pm EST tomorrow (the first part is dropping at 7, so you can listen to that one a few minutes early if you want).

Please enjoy the shows tomorrow and remember to have fun!


Lazy Sunday Gamers

What’s Lazy Sunday Gamers you ask?  Well!  I’m glad you did.  LSG is going to be new content on the Wednesday Night Game Podcast!  You heard me people.  New content. That’s in addition to the content we post on Wednesday Night already!

This will be a new set of podcasts in addition to the content you’ve grown to know and love (or at least enjoy enough to check out a second episode).  The format is gonna be very different from our current format. The key difference is that I won’t be editing LSG very much (just enough to cut out the long silences really) and I won’t be splitting up the session into episodes at all.  We’ll drop the entire play session around 8:00am EST so you can enjoy the content during the day. We’re looking at something like 3-6 hours of content from this show each week for you guys, I hope you’re ready.

I’ll have more info about the players and what game we’re playing when we’ve got material for you to listen to!  Until then, have fun!


Side Game Content


I’m happy to announce that I’ll be dropping some intermittent new content for you guys!  We previously were publishing an intermittent series of episodes that we were calling Side Games.  We have finally figured out our Main Game situation and so have plenty of backlogged material for you to have regular content every week.  Unfortunately this means that we no longer have an opportunity to drop any Side Game content for you guys!

This won’t do.

So, I’ll be dropping one or two Side Game episodes every month until we run out.  Of course I’ll drop more once they become available!  I probably won’t have a set schedule for these releases, just whenever I get to the edits and make a post to drop it.

Please enjoy!  Remember to always have fun!

-Colin and the Wednesday Night Game Crew.

The First “What Game should Wednesday Night Game Play Next?” Poll


Over the last year, we’ve been bringing you many hours of tabletop goodness as we played RPG’s that we wanted to bring to you.  We played Dungeons and Dragons, Legends of the Elements, Microscope, Mouse Guard, Dungeon World, and, most recently, Masks. Now we want to give you guys something new; the power of choice.  As of the publication of this post (on July 29, 2016) we’re on 10 recorded sessions of Masks so we’ve still got a lot more of that content for you guys coming down the pipeline, but we’re getting to where we’ll want to wrap up the “season” soon and we wanted your input to decide what to do next.

So you guys will have the ability to chose what game we’ll be playing next by clicking on this link to a straw poll!  There are five options (Epyllion, Apocalypse World 2nd Edition, Burning Wheel, Torchbearer, and Masks Season 2) and each was chosen by one of the cast members because they want to give that game a shot.

You guys are getting the final say so we’ll play the one with the highest number of votes on August 12, 2016 when I’ll tabulate the results and make a post announcing the “winner!” Only one vote per listener, so please choose wisely.

Thank you all so much for coming and listening to our games.  The whole cast loves seeing the numbers of viewers each week and we want to show our appreciation by letting you guys tell us what you want to hear us play.

Edit: We are extending the deadline on the poll by a week. The new date is reflected in the post now.

Moving Forward…

It is with mixed feelings that we leave the Dresden Files Accelerated Edition Playtest behind.  I’m happy that it was so fun and that we got to start the podcast with something really awesome for you guys to listen to.  I’m sad that the play testing period is over and that we’ll have to wait for revisions, in the form of another beta or in the form of the full game, to come through before we can even think about continuing on with the crazy people in New Orleans.

This does mean of course that we’ll get to play something new, and that’s very exciting!  This is also good for my groups’ mental health.  The cast of Wednesday Night Game doesn’t like to dwell on games for that long.  Those epic DnD adventures that you hear some folk talking about that “last for years” are not what we like to do.  The longest campaign we’ve ever played was a 14 session long romp through Hogwarts in my homebrewed Cortex+ Drama/Action hack (the episodes have been lost to the terrible god of “Experience”).

Our tendency so far, as a group in general, is to play a few good sessions of a game (usually between 6 and 8), get to a place that pretty well wraps up the current “story arc,” and then we stop playing with the caveat that we might come back and play in that world again some day.  It works for us and lets us play the numerous different games that we’ve managed to collect throughout our engagement with the hobby.  It keeps us from stagnation as players, so we don’t get to feeling “stuck” in our characters, and lets us pass the GM ball around a bit (again to prevent stagnation).  Since we pretty much wrapped up our Red Court threat in Dresden (and because the playtesting period is over), we’ll be changing games to let me have some creative rest and to let that universe settle a little in our minds.  This will let us give another system some love and to explore new and fun characters!

Speaking of segues, I’ll be relinquishing the GM reigns to Matt!  This is always exciting to me because I love to play as much as I love to GM and Matt is awesome when he sits down to GM.  Matt is going to be running a continuation of a setting we’ve played in before: The Witchlands.  A little more on that in a second.

About next week’s episode; since the Witchlands game surely won’t be ready in time for me to post it next week, I’ve taken the liberty of securing a couple one shot games for you guys!  Courtesy of the Wednesday Night Game cast, we’ll be presenting you a single “first session” of Legend of the Elements by Max Hervieux for the next two week.  The session was pretty long and the first couple hours were character/setting creation.  I’ll be splitting up that play session into two episodes so it’s easier to digest.  If you are curious about what the game is like before you listen to the episode, you can check out the concluded kickstarter page.  I’m really excited to let you guys hear our Legend of the Elements game as it was very fun to play.

I’m excited about going back to the Witchlands with Matt and Kaetlyn.  Alex will be joining us this time as well!  He was not able to join us for our original tour of that blasted land, so he’ll be making a new character to join our adventuring party.  This game should be very fun to say the least.

That’s all for now!  Thank you for reading.  Remember to always have fun!