Lazy Sunday Gamers

What’s Lazy Sunday Gamers you ask?  Well!  I’m glad you did.  LSG is going to be new content on the Wednesday Night Game Podcast!  You heard me people.  New content. That’s in addition to the content we post on Wednesday Night already!

This will be a new set of podcasts in addition to the content you’ve grown to know and love (or at least enjoy enough to check out a second episode).  The format is gonna be very different from our current format. The key difference is that I won’t be editing LSG very much (just enough to cut out the long silences really) and I won’t be splitting up the session into episodes at all.  We’ll drop the entire play session around 8:00am EST so you can enjoy the content during the day. We’re looking at something like 3-6 hours of content from this show each week for you guys, I hope you’re ready.

I’ll have more info about the players and what game we’re playing when we’ve got material for you to listen to!  Until then, have fun!