Mouse Guard – Season 2, Session 02: Side C


Welcome to Side C of Session 2 of Mouse Guard Season 2!  If you need to catch up on the events of Season 1, you can find all of the episodes here!  Matt acted as our GM while Alex reprised his role as Tarwe, Kaetlyn as Heather, Kolton as Cole, Elspeth played as Miyuki, and Colin returned as Max!  We continued our wilderness journey in this episode, marching our way through the spring snow to Pebblebrook!  However, a sinister foe appeared to our patrol and engaged them on an unexpected battlefield  while on the way…

The Pun’O’Meter remains solidly pointing at 1 for this episode.

Also, if you can’t wait until next week to hear the next session of play for Mouse Guard, go back and listen to our Halloween One-Shot!  The Halloween special was our 3rd session of play for this season, so please give it a listen!  It was very entertaining, I promise.

Please, Enjoy the Show!

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